Tropical Dream Pineapple


Tropical Dream Pineapple

Tropical Dream Pineapple

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£7.99 - £12.99 £5.75 - £9.35



Imagine yourself on an island, far away into a world of big palm trees and golden sandy beaches, with not an office in site. Oh, and yes, pineapples, mouth-watering delicious pineapples, ripe passion fruits, and amazing tropical fruits: flowing with juicy flavor, sweet and tart, as your taste buds transport you to a tropical island.


50ml in a 60ml bottle
100ml in a 120ml bottle
Easy remove nib. Nic shot ready.

50ml - add 1 nicotine shot to make 3mg

- add 2 nicotine shots to make 6mg

100ml - add 2 nicotine shots to make 3mg

- add 4 nicotine shots to make 6mg

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100ML, 50ML

Ratio VG/PG

50VG/50PG, 80VG/PG20