Lychee Mango Ice


Lychee Mango Ice

Lychee Mango Ice

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£7.99 - £12.99 £5.75 - £9.35

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This flavor is like biting into fresh juicy lychee. The combination of sweet and juicy lychee flavor mix with ripe mango and some other exotic fruits finishing with cooling ice gives you the satisfaction of exotic summer.


50ml in a 60ml bottle
100ml in a 120ml bottle
Easy remove nib. Nic shot ready.

50ml - add 1 nicotine shot to make 3mg

- add 2 nicotine shots to make 6mg

100ml - add 2 nicotine shots to make 3mg

- add 4 nicotine shots to make 6mg

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100ML, 50ML

Ratio VG/PG

50VG/50PG, 80VG/PG20